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James Last discography

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Piano gogo

Media Country Number Title Remarks (help) Coll
__E_U_R__ __________ Original Album 019 Updated / changed : 21/06/2016
lp DEU .249 165 Piano gogo LAB: ST 33 in circles & '-249'/ M1
lp DEU .249 165 Piano gogo LAB: 'rectangle' + "Urheber vorbehalten" M1
lp DEU .249 165 Piano gogo LAB: 'rectangle' + "Urh vorbeh - D.Gramm." M1
mc DEU .911 124 Piano gogo MC & SP ' * '/ M1
lp U.K .249 165 Piano gogo Lady Face (Blue)/ LAB: 249165/ M1
mc U.K .911 124 Piano gogo Lady Face (Blue)/ _M0
lp NED 2489 508 Piano gogo (p)1973/ LAB-A: Stemra L-above Rect./ 'Mi H' L-in Rect./ M1
lp NED 2489 508 Piano gogo (p)1973/ LAB-A: Stemra L-IN Rect./ 'Mi H' L-under Rect./ M1
mc DEU-KARUSSELL .833 980-4 Piano gogo Die gold.Schallplatten/ M1
lp U.K-PICKWICK CN 2105 Piano gogo - M1
mc U.K-PICKWICK CN 4 2105 Piano gogo - M1
cd U.K-PICKWICK PWKS 4015 P Piano gogo 12 Tr.(not 'Love Me Or Leave Me' 'The House Of The Rising Sun') M1
__R_E_C_E_N_T__ R E C E N T / C D
---> Link 4CD "Dancing gogo (8LP on 4CD)"

My Bonnie
Happy Days Are Here Again
Lingering On
Mack The Knife
Everybody Loves A Lover

My Guy's Come Back
Love Me Or Leave Me
Bei mir bist du schn
The House Of The Rising Sun

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