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Sekai Wa Futari No Tameni

Media Land Nummer Titel Opmerkingen (help) Coll
__F_-_E_A__ __________ Original Special Album 027 Updated / changed : 05/03/2017
lp JAP SMP 2021 Sekai Wa Futari No Tameni (p)1968.05/ 14 Titles/ M1=noOBI/ M1

Sekai wa Futari No Tameni (= The World Is For Us Two)
Ano Hito No Ashioto (= Goodbye)
In A Lonesome City (from "The Ventures")
Aozora No Arukagiri (= As Long As The Sky Is Blue)
Love Only For You
Aijo (= That Loving Feeling)
Ikanaide (= Don't Leave Me)
Ai No Kokoro (= Loving Heart)
Barairo No Kumo (= The Pink Sky)
Kitaguni No Aoi Sora (= The Bly Sky In The North)
Koi No Fugue (= Lovefugue)
Ano Nizi O Tsukamo (= To Take The Rainbow)
Namida No Kawakumade (= When Tears Have Dried)
Wakareta Ano Hito (= She Has Left Me)

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